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Introduction to the Science Learning Hub

This video gives a quick overview of the Science Learning Hub and features the variety of resources to be found on the Hub.


The Science Learning Hub is a community for primary and secondary school teachers, students and the science sector. Join with us as we explore the world of science teaching and learning.

GAIL THOMSON - Associate Principal, Swanson School
Science is a vast topic, so the Hub is the answer to that.

Contextualise science concepts and spark learning conversations with up-to-date examples from real scientists engaged in cutting-edge research.

DR PHIL BATTLEY - Senior Lecturer in Ecology/Zoology, Massey University
We just love to know about amazing things in nature, and this truly, truly is an amazing thing.

CHERI VAN SCHRAVENDIJK-GOODMAN - Ecologist and Policy Advisor, Waikato Raupatu River Trust
I’m a plant ecologist, and I like talking about whakapapa when I’m talking about biodiversity.

WENO ITI - Manager Te Kūwaha, NIWA Māori Development Centre
Kaitiakitanga is about respecting those things that mean a lot to you.

PROFESSOR KATHRYN McGRATH - Director, The MacDiarmid Institute
Fundamentally, we just want to know how things work – that’s the basis that all scientists are trying to get to.

PROFESSOR LOUIS SCHIPPER - Earth and Ocean Sciences Department, University of Waikato
Creativity is critically important for scientists.

With a click of a button, bring scientific experts directly into your classroom from right here in New Zealand.

Rockets is really fun to learn. If I keep on learning about rockets, I could do something with rockets when I become older.

Understand mātauranga Māori, argue socio-scientific issues, teach the nature of science or explore the solar system.

ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR CRAIG RODGER - Space Physics, University of Otago
We want to understand the thunderstorms, we want to understand the lightning, we want to understand what the radio waves do, we want to understand the sprites – oh, lightning’s a cool thing to do.

DR ROBERT HOARE - Invertebrate Systematist, Landcare Research/Manaaki Whenua
Fred the Thread was discovered in the Waikato area.

It was so tight in the stem that he had eat his way out.

Teach innovation – open the young minds of today to new possibilities.

ALISTAIR MOWAT - Innovation Leader – Sustainability, ZESPRI International Limited
Children’s development of these innovative skills are critical to the opportunities that they can realise.

PROFESSOR MARGARET HYLAND - Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, University of Auckland
I think of engineering as an interface between society and technology.

Download teaching and learning activities, video clips, interactives and other resources tailored specifically to the New Zealand curriculum and proofed by the scientists involved.

Blue is the normal water and green is saltwater … and here’s the reaction.

Find a learning plan to suit your students or modify and create your own pathway.

SHARYN DE JONGE - Teacher, Pukekohe Hill School
It challenges me to push what I do and guides me really well in teaching science.

Enable authentic learning, engage with other educators, watch your classroom come alive.  Connect with us – the Science Learning Hub community.