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Teacher Ideas

This collection is for teachers and educators looking for new ways to use the Science Learning Hub. Check out our unit plans and planning templates, tools to support class discussions and wide range of examples of how teachers are using the Hub to engage students in science learning. We also have a professional development programme launching soon!

Professional Development

Resources to help teachers use the Science Learning Hub to develop and support school science programmes.

Unit plans and planning

Teachers are using the Science Learning Hub in a range of ways. Here, we share their ideas and strategies, including planning templates,...

Hubs in Action

Teachers, scientists and education specialists discuss the merits of using the Science Learning Hub. You can also view our promotional...

Education Research

The Science Learning Hub content is research-informed. These education research briefs provide summaries of Hub research activity.

Thinking Tools

Use these tools to explore the impacts science and technology might have on society, both now and in the future.