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Young Ocean Explorers

Teenager Riley Hathaway and her dad Steve Hathaway explore New Zealand’s marine ecosystems through short video clips and their book Love Our Ocean.

Riley Hathaway is serious about looking after the ocean. So is her dad, Steve Hathaway. Riley made a video about sea turtles and plastic as a school project. After Steve noticed how the video captured the imagination of young students, he and Riley were inspired to make a 10-episode video series called Young Ocean Explorers.

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The video series is supported by the book Love Our Ocean. Donations have enabled the Hathaways to provide a copy of the book and the video series on DVD to every school in New Zealand and the Cook Islands. (The Young Ocean Explorers resources are available for purchase. See the Useful links section for ordering information.)

Join the Science Learning Hub along with Riley and Steve Hathaway to watch the episodes, peruse the book and then link into further classroom activities, science articles and media.

Purchase a copy of the Young Ocean Explorers DVD and Love Our Ocean book.
www.youngoceanexplorers.co.nz/collections/all external link

Steve and Riley Hathaway share their vision in this TEDx Auckland video.
www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzA_CTkn7vk external link

Visit the Young Ocean Explorers website.
www.youngoceanexplorers.co.nz external link