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Soil – Dig It!

A Planet Earth and Beyond resource for NZ Curriculum levels 1 and 2. Dig in and learn about soil – the essential resource beneath our feet.

Without soil, we would be hungry, thirsty, naked, homeless and breathless. And it’s not just humans who depend on soil – it is a habitat for a quarter of the Earth’s biodiversity. Soil cleans and stores our water, breaks down our wastes, recycles nutrients and even helps moderate climate change – yet we often treat this precious resource like dirt.

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This level 1–2 resource is an introduction to soil science. The articles use clear text to explain Planet Earth and Beyond concepts and link to existing images, videos, interactives and articles from other contexts on the Science Learning Hub.

Students use observation to discover how soils differ from location to location and that soil is home to creatures that we can see – and billions that we cannot.