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Seeds, Stems and Spores

A plant reproduction resource for NZ Curriculum levels 1 and 2. Explore some of the science ideas behind plant life cycles, seed dispersal and how some plants reproduce without seeds.

Humans have many reasons to grow plants: for food, for building materials or simply for pleasure. A plant really just has one reason to grow – to reproduce to make more plants like it.

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This level 1–2 resource is an introduction to the living world of plants. The articles use clear text to explain the science concepts behind plant life cycles, seed dispersal, plant groups and the various ways plants reproduce, and there are links to existing images, videos, interactives and articles from other contexts on the Science Learning Hub.                                

Students learn about plant reproduction by making and using simple pollination models, hands-on (and feet-on) investigations into seed dispersal and growing plants by means of spores and propagation. Virtual activities relate common foods to different parts of flowering plants.

For teachers wishing to extend student knowledge of flowering plant life cycles, the Pollination context provides ideal follow-on resources.