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Project Mātauranga

New Zealand faces a range of opportunities and challenges related to the wellbeing of people and the natural environment. Many researchers are turning to mātauranga Māori and those with this traditional knowledge in order to find new solutions to these universal global issues.

Project Mātauranga is a television series that showcases some of the interactions between Māori worldviews and methodologies and the scientific community and investigates what this means in practice. 

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Mātauranga Māori

Mātauranga Māori is a modern term that refers to Māori knowledge and Māori ways of doing things.

Maori have always been scientists. Science has allowed Māori to live, work and thrive in the world for hundreds of years.

Dr Ocean Mercier

Each episode in series 2 of Project Mātauranga presents a challenge and then explores the research process, showing how western science and Māori knowledge systems are combining to provide innovative solutions.

The 13 episodes of series 2 explore a diverse range of science research and practice from ecology and kaitiakitanga, museum conservation, astronomy, marine biology and cancer research.

In the words of Dr Ocean Mercer, the presenter of Project Mātauranga, “We’re going to show you how these worlds of science are intersecting and how the paths to our future are being formed.”

Nature of Science

Project Mātauranga demonstrates how effective investigating in science can be when combining knowledge from different sources.


Project Mātauranga is a television series that investigates Māori world views and methodologies within the scientific community and looks at their practical application. Each of the 13 episodes in series 2 shows how western science and Māori knowledge systems are combining to provide solutions to a variety of challenges.

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