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On Thin Ice: Nigel Latta in Antarctica

Nigel Latta discovers what it is like to live on the ice as he travels to Antarctica. Join Nigel as he meets some of New Zealand’s scientists working in Antarctica. 

Antarctica has been a place of adventure and discovery for centuries. Expeditions date back to the 7th century when legends say Māori navigator Ui-te-Rangiora led a fleet of waka into the Southern Ocean.

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Antarctica is one of the most challenging and unforgiving places on Earth. Fortunately, climatic extremes and isolation have protected the world’s last pristine environment. This untouched continent is a world of wonder for scientists, and the extreme conditions add that extra bit of adventure!

TV personality Nigel Latta had his own adventurous journey to this remote continent, living with the scientists for 3 weeks to discover what life on the ice is really like and to view research that Nigel believes has huge implications for our lives.

Join the Science Learning Hub and Nigel Latta to watch the episodes and then link into further science research and classroom activities.