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On Shaky Ground

A Planet Earth and Beyond resource for NZ Curriculum levels 1 and 2. Discover why New Zealand is home to so many earthquakes and volcanoes.

New Zealand is often called the Shaky Isles – and for good reason. Scientists record around 15,000 earthquakes every year. Around 100 to 150 of these are big enough for us to feel. We also have a string of volcanoes that stretches from the top of the North Island down to the bottom of the South Island.

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This NZ Curriculum levels 1 and 2 resource is an introduction to the science behind earthquakes and volcanoes. The articles use clear text to explain Planet Earth and Beyond concepts and link to existing images, videos, interactives and articles from other contexts on the Science Learning Hub.

Hands-on activities use simple models to explain some of the happenings inside our Earth. Use marshmallows, chocolate and lollies to learn about the Earth’s layers. Sandwiches model ways in which the Earth’s surface moves during an earthquake. Demonstrate caldera volcanoes by popping balloons in the sandpit.

For teachers wishing to extend student knowledge of New Zealand’s exciting geology, the Earthquakes and Volcanoes contexts provide ideal follow-on resources.

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