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Celebrating Science

(the) KuDos awards help to recognise and honour world-class science expertise throughout the Waikato region – including world-class science teachers.

By making science exciting and relevant, the stories of the winning scientists aim to encourage high school students to choose to study science.

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2008 awards

Go here for articles that look at the research projects undertaken by the 2008 winners.

2007 awards

Go here for profiles of the winners from 2007 – the inaugural year for (the) KuDos awards.

(the) KuDos awards are managed by the Hamilton Science Awards Trust, established in April 2007. The aims of the trust are to recognise the contributions of scientists working in the Waikato River catchment, encourage high school students to enter the sciences and raise the profile of science achievements within the Waikato community.

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For more information about the awards and the 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 winners see www.thekudos.org.nz external link