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Planet Earth and Beyond – Weather

Weather is ever present, ever changing and always interesting.

Have a look at these Science Learning Hub links to see how they might fit in to your weather unit. Items are grouped by collection (contexts, science stories and news items).

Context: Enviro-imprints

Dr Peyman Zawar Reza – Profile

How does the weather affect the levels of pollution in the air? – Question Bank

Christchurch model – Video

Temperature inversion – Video 

Context: Fire

The fire danger sign and Bernie – NZ Research

Context: Gases and Plasmas

Lightning location network – NZ Research

Gaseous atmosphere – Science Ideas and Concepts

Lightning explained – Science Ideas and Concepts

Space weather – Looking Closer

Weather balloon being released – Image

Lightning research – Video

I am continually amazed by how many things we can improve... applying what we already know in better, more effective ways.

Dr Eric Scharpf

Context: H2O On the Go

Unit plan: H2O On the Go

Earth system – Science Ideas and Concepts

Water and weather – Science Ideas and Concepts

Building a water cycle – Student Activity

What is the Earth system? – Teacher Resource

What has the weather got to do with the water cycle? – Question Bank

The water cycle influences weather patterns and climate – Key Term

New Zealand weather map – Image

Rain – Image

The water cycle – Image

Weather satellite orbits – Image

Context: Icy Ecosystems

Weather in Antarctica – Key Term

Antarctic landscape – Image

Day after tomorrow – Video

Getting dressed for the Antarctic – Video

Context: Satellites

Satellites to study Antarctic atmosphere – NZ Research

Weather satellite orbits – Image

Context: Super Sense

Satellite sensing – NZ Research

Context: You, Me and UV

Monitoring ozone levels – NZ Research

Our research is contributing to the big topic of climate change... We are trying to understand it and find a solution so we can mitigate and adapt to our future climate.

Dr Katja Riedel

Science story: Measurement

UV Index time-lapse map for New Zealand – Video

Science story: Navigating Without Instruments

Observing clouds and weather – Science Ideas and Concepts

Clouds and the weather – Student Activity

Towering cumulus clouds – Image

Cloud roads – Image

Science story: Research Voyage to Antarctic

Investigating data from the RV Tangaroa – Student Activity

News items

Cyclone Yasi was a whopper – Article

Glaciers provide global climate puzzle – Article

Life in the upper troposphere – Article

Seeing through clouds – Article