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Planet Earth and Beyond – The night sky

The Science Learning Hub has lots of resources for primary teachers related to the night sky in the Planet Earth and Beyond strand of the New Zealand Curriculum. Below they are grouped by collection (contexts, science stories, nature of science and news items).

The night sky is fascinating to talk about with children. It evokes a sense of wonder and mystery. Have a look through these resources for some ideas. The context Space Revealed has some interesting student activities that have been particularly engaging for year 5 and 6 classes.

Context: Gases and Plasmas

Space plasma – Looking Closer

Context: Just Elemental

Red giants in the night sky – Teacher Resource

Universal element formation – Interactive

Context: Rockets

Getting rockets into space – Looking Closer 

Context: Satellites

Satellites – Context Introduction

Gravity and satellite motion – Science Ideas and Concepts

Natural satellites – Science Ideas and Concepts

Our solar system – revolutionary ideas – Looking Closer

Observing natural satellites – Student Activity

Spotting satellites – Student Activity 

Context: Space Revealed

Space Revealed – Context 

Context: The Noisy Reef

Stars – Image

This is one of the great attractions of this subject; there is always something more to learn, a deeper insight to achieve. It’s rarely a matter of, oh well, I understand this, let’s move on.

Prof Denis Sullivan

Science story: Measurement

The Pleiades – Image

Science story: Navigating Without Instruments

Navigating with Sun, Moon and planets – Science Ideas and Concepts

The celestial sphere – Science Ideas and Concepts

The star compass – kāpehu whetū – Science Ideas and Concepts

Constellations in the night sky – Student Activity

Science story: Our Heritage Scientists

Beatrice Hill Tinsley – Article

I used to read the encyclopedia as a kid and wish I could understand and contribute to cosmology.

Beatrice Hill Tinsley

Nature of Science

The-Starry-Night – Image

News items

Close shave with Asteroid 2011 MD – Article

Lonely planets wander galaxy – Article

Ripples in the universe from the Big Bang – Article

Satellite fall to Earth over Pacific – Article

Solar flares hurl charged particles at Earth – Article

Planets orbiting stars – Image

The Milky Way – Image