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Material World – Recycling and biodegradability

Below are links to Science Learning Hub resources for primary teachers related to recycling and biodegradability in the Material World strand of the New Zealand Curriculum. They come from a range of contexts and science stories and are grouped by resource type.

Recycling and biodegradability are favourite topics from the Material World strand of the curriculum for primary teachers. Here are some helpful resources from the Hub.

Biodegradability – Science Ideas and Concepts

Waste management – Science Ideas and Concepts

Measuring biodegradability – Looking Closer Article

Bioplastics – Innovation Article

Biodegradability, compostability and bioplastics – Innovation Article

Skateboards made out of harakeke? – Science Story Article

Biodegradability experiment – Student Activity

Household waste – Image

Illegal dumping – Image 

When you can make plastics that have an environmental benefit or don’t use fossil fuels, that gives me an extra drive and a passion to develop an end product.

Dr Martin Markotsis