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Living World – The rocky shore

Here are links to Science Learning Hub resources for primary teachers related to the rocky shore in the Living World strand of the New Zealand Curriculum. They are grouped by collection (contexts, science stories and news items).

The rocky shore is a popular topic in primary school science. Below are some resources that may be helpful.

Context: Life in the Sea

Life in the Sea – Context

Context: The Noisy Reef

The Noisy Reef – Context

Context: Toxins

Kaimoana in the Hauraki Gulf – NZ Research

Sea slugs and TTX – NZ Research

Solving the dog death mystery – NZ Research

Toxins and food webs – Science Ideas and Concepts

Grey side-gilled sea slugs – Looking Closer

Monitoring shellfish – Looking Closer

Tracking toxins – Student Activity

Collaboration – Video

Testing for toxins in kaimoana – Video

Bioaccumulation in the sea – Interactive

What killed the dogs – Interactive

The harbour is a precious place for all things marine, and [obtaining] more information about what is in it or going into it is important to protect it.

Alice Morrison

Science story: Where Land Meets Sea

Where Land Meets Sea – Science Story

News items

Auckland’s sea slug problem – Article

Bay of Islands ocean survey – Article

Marine Metre Squared – Article

Rena wrecked on reef: oil clean-up on-going – Article

Urban runoff threat to marine life – Article