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Science Learning Hub newsletter – conservation resources

Conservation Week 2016

Conservation Week is 10–18 September. The great outdoors doesn’t have to include consent forms and bus hire – the school grounds are a great place to start. Try one of the following activities.

Create a lizard-friendly habitat. Learn about the basic survival needs of native skinks and geckos and then create a lizard-friendly habitat to attract them to your school garden.

Make a tracking tunnel. Use recyclable materials to make a tracking tunnel to monitor the presence of pest species in your school grounds.

Observe an earthworm. Are the earthworms in your school native or introduced? Students practise being real scientists as they use observation to modify and extend their existing knowledge.

Biodegradable possum bait station. Be pest detectives and look for possum markings external link around the school, then discover how a natural product is protecting the environment in more than one way!

Conservation ethics. Conservation is expensive – how do we choose which species to protect? The Hub provides multiple pathways to explore ethics: Ethics in bird conservation and Using ethical frameworks in the classroom.

Conservation events. Our Events section profiles science events around the country. Check it out to find Conservation Week and other citizen science events in your area.

Aqua Republica Eco Challenge 2016

Combine serious online gaming with science, maths and ethical decision making. The NZ Aqua Republica Eco Challenge uses genuine New Zealand geographic features and cultural concepts to foster water stewardship among students aged 11–17. During 4–16 September, students learn to play the strategy game and then take the Kaitiakitanga Challenge.

Free professional development webinars

The Hub is excited to support the upcoming Aqua Republic Eco Challenge with three free webinars, two of which have already been recorded and added to our site. These are full of helpful information on registering for the game, how to play and more.

Check our PD collection for more information on the webinars and registration. Remember that we archive all our webinars, so you can view them any time, anywhere. We are working on transferring them to our beta site under the Professional development topic.

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