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Student activity - Communicating in science

Activity idea

In this activity, students look at SMS text language to gain a deeper understanding of communicating in science.

By the end of this activity, students should be able to:

  • write messages using SMS text language
  • explain the usefulness of SMS text language in communication via mobile devices
  • explain the similarities between SMS text language and the specialised vocabulary, numeric and symbolic systems and conventions of science communication.

Download the Word file (see link above) for:

  • introduction/background notes
  • what you need
  • what to do
  • extension ideas.

By words the mind is winged.

- Aristophanes.

Useful links

A list of commonly used text abbreviations and their meanings.
www.snaphow.com/list-of-sms-abbreviations-meaning-of-texting-words-symbols external link