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This Sci Media collection contains images connected to Nature of Science.

Child looking at a plant

Students won’t learn about photosynthesis just by watching a leaf.

Climate change poster

Climate change is one example of a socio-scientific issue.

Cover of the scientific journal Science

Cover image of one of the world’s leading scientific journals.

Dolly the sheep

Dolly died in 2003, but the debate about the ethics of cloning continues.

Genetic modification public protest

Part of a GE-free protest march in 2003 making its way up Queen Street, the main thoroughfare of Auckland.

Health effects of pollution

Overview of main health effects on humans from some common types of pollution.

How not to teach tenets

How not to teach tenets of the nature of science.

No single scientific method

Scientists use many different methods in different research.

Particle nature of matter model

The particle nature of matter model.

Science as a culture

Science can be studied in the same way that anthropologists study another culture.

Scientists communicating

Dr Mike Spearpoint (right) with Associate Professor Charley Fleischmann, sharing their ideas.

Scientists investigating

Dr Jenni Stanley carrying out field work under water.

Stop global warming sign

A stop global warming street sign in Washington during the 2010 blizzard.

The myth of the scientific method

The steps of the mythical ‘scientific method’.

The Starry Night

Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night.