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Teach about Innovation

This section contains resources to help teachers support young people in developing an understanding of innovation and the value it can bring and, in doing so, to develop skills and attitudes that better prepare them for contributing to our fast-changing world.

About innovation

This engaging video conveys key aspects of innovation for students.

Unpacking innovation

Understanding the concept of innovation is a key step in developing students’ innovation literacy. In this activity, students identify...

Invention or innovation?

In this activity, students clarify their understanding of innovation by exploring how it is different from invention.

Student Activity - The marshmallow challenge

This is a simple experiential activity where teams of students are introduced to key aspects of innovation through a challenge to build the...

Innovation – an integrated approach to science and technology

When St Francis Xavier Catholic School decided on the theme ‘Innovation’ as a whole-school science and technology focus, year 3 teacher...

Key Terms

This resource provides explanations of the key terms encountered when exploring Innovation.