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Zealong Tea

The Zealong Tea story

This video story presents an overview of the development of Zealong tea – the only tea commercially grown...

Harvesting oolong tea

The ideal timing and frequency of harvesting fresh tea leaves is dependent on environmental conditions and...

Encouraging innovation: Vincent Chen

Vincent Chen, founder of Zealong, shares his advice to young people to encourage skills for innovation.

Discussing innovation: Zealong

Fabien Maisonneuve, Quality Control Manager at Zealong, discusses innovation in relation to Zealong.

Why innovation is important: Fabien Maisonneuve

Fabien Maisonneuve of Zealong explains why he thinks innovation is particularly important for New Zealand.

Skills for innovation: Zealong

Fabien Maisonneuve of Zealong discusses some personal attributes that he believes are important for...

People, networks and knowledge: Zealong

Vincent Chen, founder of Zealong, discusses the range of people that he and his father consulted to gain...

Propagating tea plants using cuttings

At Zealong, they propagate new tea plants using cuttings to ensure genetic consistency and consistency in...

Zealong: a unique New Zealand tea

Zealong is New Zealand’s only commercial tea plantation. Discover what’s enabled Zealong to grow tea...

The science of tea

All tea is made from the leaves of the tea plant, Camellia sinensis. Six main types of tea are produced –...

Vegetative plant propagation

Plant propagation is the process of increasing the number of plants of a particular species or cultivar....

Vincent Chen

Founder, Zealong.
Field: Horticulture

Fabien Maisonneuve

Quality Control Manager, Zealong.
Field: Horticulture


Zealong, situated in the heart of the Waikato, is New Zealand’s first and only tea plantation. The company...

Tea tasting

In this activity, students learn about tea tasting and compare different types of tea by conducting sensory...

Key Terms

Key Terms

This resource provides explanations of the key terms encountered when exploring Innovation.

Brewing oolong tea

Brewing oolong tea.


Bulbs form lateral buds, which produce new bulbs in subsequent years.

Drinking tea: an important Taiwanese tradition

Drinking tea is an integral part of Taiwanese culture.

Germplasm collection

The apple germplasm collection at Plant & Food Research includes apples of all sizes, shapes and colours,...

Grafting and budding

Grafting and budding are standard techniques used to propagate new fruit cultivars.

Harvesting tea leaves at the Zealong estate

Harvesting tea leaves at the Zealong estate.


Rhizomes are root-like stems that grow horizontally under ground.

Scientists discuss new apple variety

Scientists discuss a new apple variety in Plant & Food Research’s Hawke’s Bay orchard.

Six types of tea

There are six main types of tea.


Stolons are horizontal stems that grow above the ground.

Tea plant – Camellia sinensis

All tea is produced from the same plant – Camellia sinensis.

The Camellia Tea House

The Camellia Tea House at the Zealong Estate overlooks the tea plantation.

The Zealong brand

The Zealong brand name reflects its country of origin and the type of tea.


Tubers are swollen portions of an underground stem that store food.