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The YikeBike Story

This is a short story about the development of the YikeBike.

YikeBike for Auckland commute

Jordan Morris, YikeBike owner, discusses how he uses his YikeBike for his Auckland commute.

YikeBike folding and unfolding

Watch how a YikeBike unfolds and folds.

Radical bike redesign

The YikeBike is a light, foldable, easily portable, electric bicycle. It is a radical redesign of the...

Composite materials

Composite materials (composites) are commonplace in modern society. Composites are made when two or more...

YikeBike Ltd

YikeBike Ltd designs, develops, manufactures and sells the YikeBike. The YikeBike is a new class of bicycle,...

Student Activity - Making a composite material container

In this activity, students make a container using a composite material. The finished container is used to...

Student Activity - Invention or innovation?

TIME magazine included the YikeBike in its list of the 50 Best Inventions of 2009. In this activity, students...

Key Terms

Key Terms

This resource provides explanations of the key terms encountered when exploring Innovation.

Bicycle designs over time

Bicycle design examples from 1817 to 2009.

Flax (harakeke) surfboard

New Zealand flax (harakeke) surfboard in action.

Glass fibre cloth

Fine glass fibres are woven into a cloth.

Grant Ryan

Grant Ryan on Yikebike.

YikeBike folded

The YikeBike folds into a compact shape and weighs 11.2kg.

YikeBike unfolded

The YikeBike is a light, foldable, easily portable, electric bicycle.