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Video help

Find out about the various video options on the Science Learning Hub and helpful tips.

Viewing requirements
Video viewing options
Downloading a video

Viewing requirements

To watch videos on the Science Learning Hub website you will need QuickTime 7.5 external link or Adobe Flash Player external link. Both of these are free to download.

Currently our .mov videos will not play in the Chrome browser. This is due to QuickTime being a 32-bit plugin and it is no longer supported on 64-bit versions of Chrome. Until this is fixed please use another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer.

Videos should be viewed at your screens default zoom setting, i.e. 100%.

Videos automatically default to 576 kbps (.mp4) and play through the JW Player. Having Adobe Flash is the only requirement to use the JW media player.

Video viewing options

All video clips* are available to view in the JW Player (.mp4) or QuickTime (.mov) at the following data rates:

  • 576 kbps (.mp4) – allows for full-screen viewing and video download.
    To download a video, click on the ‘Download video clip’ link below the video player – see further instructions are below. The videos can be viewed offline using QuickTime 7.5 external link or above or VLC Players 1.1.5 external link or above.
  • 1000 kbps (.mov) – we recommend this rate for those with 1 MB or faster connections.

*Exception: Video clips for the Science Made Simple and TVNZ Innovation Stories play in the JW Player at 500 kbps (.flv).

Downloading a video

Some systems and browsers allow users to click directly on the ‘Download’ link below the video player. Others require users to right click the ‘Download’ link and then follow the instructions as below:

In the pop-up window, click the appropriate option. The browser will default to either mp4 or MPEG as required:

  • For Internet Explorer – Save Target As…
  • For Firefox and Chrome –  Save Link As…
  • For Safari – Save the File As…
  • Some browsers also have the option ‘Download video clip’.

Navigate to the required location on your computer and save the file.

Note, not all videos are available for downloading due to third party copyright restrictions.


All content is copyrighted for use within the New Zealand Science Learning Hub video clips only.