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Uniquely Me

What makes me, me? My genes or my environment?

How we look and act is the result of the interaction of our genes with our environment. Even identical twins, with an identical genetic make-up, have unique phenotypes. Find out what makes each of us unique.

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Finding your way around

There are several different ways to discover the site's resources and their related content, along with ideas for grouping them for teaching opportunities:

  • The collections contain groups of related resources about Uniquely Me.
  • The printable context overview will assist teachers to find pathways through this context and to plan lessons and units of work.
NZ Research collection.

NZ Research

This collection provides information about the work of New Zealand’s world-class science and technology sectors in relation to Uniquely...

Science Ideas and Concepts collection.

Science Ideas and Concepts

Scientific study requires a basic knowledge and understanding of ideas and concepts. This collection explains the ideas that are...

Looking Closer collection.

Looking Closer

This collection contains additional information about Uniquely Me that supports the resources in the other collections.

People collection.


This collection introduces some of the people working or studying in the areas explored in Uniquely Me. Click on a name to find out more...

Teaching and Learning Approaches collection.

Teaching and Learning Approaches

Student activities are the main feature of this collection, along with a variety of resources for teachers to use in exploring Uniquely Me.

Question Bank collection.

Question Bank

An inquiry approach is a method often used in science education. The question bank provides an initial list of questions about Uniquely Me...

Key Terms collection.

Key Terms

This resource provides explanations of the key concepts encountered when exploring Uniquely Me – the ‘basics’ that every student...

Sci Media collection.

Sci Media

This collection is where you can find all the images, video clips that relate to Uniquely Me.